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Why Choose Reinert Consulting Group?


What do people mean when they use the phrase IT? Typically they are referring to the "Technology" or "T". Information is used as an adjective to describe the type of technology. We believe that is a flawed approach to truly understanding IT. We treat Information as an Asset so we refer to IT as Information and Technology. If you're still not sure if our view is correct, answer this. What would you rather replace, your information or your technology? Clearly it's easier to replace your computers than all the information they hold. Let us help you better define, capture, manage and protect your informational assets.


At almost every company we've ever worked for or with, there is a communications gap between management and IT. These two groups of people speak different languages and are often frustrated when trying to work together. At Reinert Consulting Group we make it a key part of our mission to Simplify Communications between IT and Management using an Assessment Matrix approach. Dr. Reinert lived through this frustration as a young IT professional and created this approach as a way to solve the communications gap that he faced in his career. We can solve the communication gap issues for you as well.


Cybersecurity attacks are in the headlines every day. While most companies are concerned about their potential exposures from cybersecurity, they fail to act to better protect themselves. At Reinert Consulting Group, we help you rethink cybersecurity as part of your risk management program. We take the confusing "techie" speak out of the equation and speak in a language you already understand. We understand the risks and how to mitigate them. Let us do the same for you.


Two models of IT operations have been popular in recent years including in-house and outsourced (MSP or Managed Service Provider). Each of these models have their pros and cons. In-house IT provides for important context crucial to better serving the needs of organizations but lacks significant opportunity to keep up with what's new. Outsourced IT has the advantage of working with many organizations to stay on top of what's new but can lack context into the real needs of the company. Co-Managed IT is a newer, hybrid model that allows for the benefits of both in-house IT and outsourcing using best of breed software and practices. Let Reinert Consulting Group be your co-managed IT provider today.  


Michael Reinert, the founder of the Reinert Consulting Group has significant experience working with companies across many industries. He's worked in the US Military, Public Safety, Manufacturing, Biotech, Academia, and Horticulture. His wide array of experience helps him craft realistic and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients. He can greatly improve or even change your perspective of how information and technology can better serve your needs. ​

Don't Believe Us? See What Our Clients Say About Us.


Frank Lecrone, President

AquaPhoenix Scientific

Reinert Consulting Group provides my company with a reliable and dedicated Co-Managed IT experience that exceeds my expectations and changes the way we at AquaPhoenix Scientific think about IT. Reinert Consulting Group gives me confidence that my business will always stay on the razors edge of progress by ensuring that our information is organized, protected, and treated as an asset.


Paige Winger, CEO

L2 Brands

Through Reinert Consulting Group's outside perspective, we are learning that the inability of our IT department and platform to keep pace with our evolving business needs, is not just a matter of more resources/dollars; but also of the need for improving our departmental structure and the adoption of a lean/agile approach to our enhancement projects. Now that we see our own platform and needs through this perspective, we can make IT and platform decisions with greater ease and confidence. 


Adam Dumler, Vice President

AquaPhoenix Scientific

The biggest benefit of working with the Reinert Consulting Group is the reassurance that comes with implementing improved security practices, documentation management, and overall preparedness for unforeseen events.

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