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IT Services

Use a Hybrid Approach for Improved IT Services Management

Two models of IT operations have been popular in recent years including in-house and outsourced (MSP or Managed Service Provider). Each of these models have their pros and cons. In-house IT provides for important context crucial to better serving the needs of organizations but lacks significant opportunity to keep up with what's new. Outsourced IT has the advantage of working with many organizations to stay on top of what's new but can lack context into the real needs of the company. Co-Managed IT is a newer, hybrid model that allows for the benefits of both in-house IT and outsourcing. Let Reinert Consulting Group be your co-managed IT provider today.  

We offer the following Co-Managed IT Services:

  • IT Infrastructure Assessment and Management - Let us assess your infrastructure and recommend improvements in design, implementation, and management.

  • Application Assessment and Planning - We love working with information and passionately help our clients better understand their information needs and the applications that can meet those needs.

  • IT Personnel Review and Planning - Many small to medium businesses still use IT people in jack-of-all-trades type positions. The profession of IT needs many skill sets and few would possess more than a few. Let us help you determine the skills needed and how your staff is equipped to meet those needs.  

  • IT Budgeting - IT has significant cost in most organizations. Let us help you prepare your budget to best use your hard earned dollars. 

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