Enterprise Architecture

Do you have a well documented and communicated business strategy? If so, we'll use it to develop your information and technology strategy. If not, then we can facilitate strategic planning sessions meant to get your executive team on the same page. Once both strategies are documented and aligned, we'll help you create a common language between business executives and IT that makes decision making easier.

We offer the following Enterprise Architecture Services:

  • Business Strategy Assessment and Planning - We facilitate business strategy sessions. Having a third party facilitator helps to greatly reduce the challenges that can be seen in strategic planning. 

  • Executive Alignment Review - If your strategic plan already exists then we help you review it with your team to ensure that all members of the executive agree and are moving in the same direction.

  • ​Information Strategy Review - Do you have an information strategy? Do you know your information needs? Is your information well connected across the organization or is it contained mostly in productivity killing silos. We'll review your needs and help you create a plan.

  • Technology Strategy Review - Does your IT infrastructure meet your needs? Does it align with the business and information strategies? We'll work with your team to find out and document the entire infrastructure as we go.

A business strategy that is aligned with an Information and Technology strategy leads to lower costs, improved efficiencies, and lower staff turnover